Treaty of Versailles

Before the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany held a certain leading position and was considered the most invincible country. The treaty left the German army weak in comparison with other joint armies.

The Versailles Treaty was signed on November 18, 1918, and it became a shock to the people of Germany. If Germany had not signed the Treaty, then the Allies would have invaded the country, and that was what the German leadership at that time did not want. It was a serious blow to the ego to sign the Treaty, but they had to do it. Until then, Germany was largely controlled by the armies, and just before the signing of the Treaty, the army allowed civilians and politicians to take over the government so that the army could take them on a fiasco, as well as lack of experience and courage.

Of all the sights of Versailles, the Palace of Versailles is the most famous. The royal castle, the Versailles court was once the controlling political power in France, its history is connected with the famous French royal family, such as Louis XIV.

The Palace of Versailles is open daily, except Mondays, and is considered one of the most beautiful sights in Paris. With 18,000 square meters of history to explore, the palace will undoubtedly allow you to entertain and get educated in the depths of the royal history of France.

No trip to Versailles does not end without visiting the beautiful garden of Versailles. The sheer grandeur and scale that Louis XIV designed yards can be a bit overwhelming for many visitors as they begin to understand how luxurious the life of the French royal family is.

Those who visit the garden and the palace of Versailles must plan at least half a day of their trip so that everything is right. Or, if you want to stay in Versailles and not in the center of Paris, you can book at one of the many Versailles hotels and make day trips to the center of Paris.

Although there is so much to see in Versailles that an attempt to see everything in the palace can take several days, there is no need to limit yourself to only Versailles. Thanks to the efficient public transport system in Paris passing through the city, there are no problems, and within a few minutes you can explore attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral de Notre Dame or just relax in some quaint street caf├ęs of Paris,

The Treaty of Versailles meant the conquest of Germany, which is a significant blow to the ego for its people. Also, Germany reacted very strongly to this in the beginning, while the left wing of their country was not convinced that they had no other choice. For the Treaty to be valid, several payments had to be made by the German government, which would prevent their economic recovery. Also, the military power of Germany was reduced to only 100,000 soldiers, and the nation was no longer allowed. This meant that Germany lost control of military aircraft, submarines, and battle tanks. The Allies redistributed all German tanks and military weapons among themselves, and this left Germany raped for its dignity.




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